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Anxiety Treatment

Meditation Reduces Anxiety Many people with anxiety disorders can be helped with treatment. Prescribed medications are started at low doses and tapered off when treatment is near an end. Side effects generally become tolerated or diminished with time.

Behavioral therapy and cognitive-behavioral therapy can be effective for treating several of the anxiety disorders. Behavioral therapy focuses on changing specific actions and uses different techniques to alter unwanted behavior. Techniques include special breathing exercises and exposure therapy - gradually exposing patients to what frightens them and helps them cope with their fears.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy teaches patients to react differently to the situations and bodily sensations that trigger panic attacks and other anxiety symptoms. Patients also learn to understand how to change their thoughts so that symptoms are less likely to occur. These techniques are designed to help people confront their fears. Without treatment, anxiety disorders can be extremely disabling and disrupt family, work and social relationships.

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What’s Ahead? Because of the chronic nature of some anxiety and our aging population, it is expected that an increase will be seen in the numbers of seniors diagnosed with anxiety. We will be attempting to provide a useful source of information for staying updated on current prevention and treatment approaches.

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