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Levaquin â Side-Effects, Safety and Recall Information

According to the FDA,  Levaquin®* may cause side-effects.

If you experience any of the following side-effects, call your doctor immediately:

· skin rash
· itching
· hives
· difficulty breathing or swallowing
· swelling of the face or throat
· yellowing of the skin or eyes
· dark urine
· pale or dark stools
· blood in urine
· pain, inflammation, or rupture of a tendon
· rapid, irregular, or pounding heartbeats


*Levaquin® is marketed by Merck as a treatment for bronchitis, sinus infections, pneumonia, and urinary tract infections. The active ingredient is levofloxacin.


Disclaimer: The information presented here is not meant to be medical advice nor to act as a substitute for medical advice. Serious side-effects, including death, could result if one were to take any prescription medicine without the supervision of a physician.

Copyright 2003, Thomas Manaugh, PhD