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Testimonial of Dr. Lawrence Cottle about Immunocal®

When I began Immunocal, I noticed within three or four days a very noticeable bump up in energy. I felt really good. That was significant, since I have a rare blood cancer that is currently causing moderately severe anemia. Within a few weeks I also noticed that at least 80-90% of the pain I had been experiencing in both my shoulders and in my mid- and lower back was gone. I had been experiencing some bad gas and bloating, and a lot of that was gone. The quality of my sleep was better. Even my skin was somewhat softer!

I have adult attention deficit disorder. My mother, who had been around me a lot more recently, pointed out to me that she noticed that I was more "focused" than before on my work and daily tasks. WOW! What a compliment!

A major health issue I've had over the last nine months and which has been closely monitored has been adrenal exhaustion. So, I was particularly excited by a recent visit to my endocrinologist's office. I had been on Immunocal for only five weeks. After the initial exam and questions by her, I asked how things looked. She replied, "All your blood indicators are within normal limits. I'm going to drop your hydrocortisone from 30 mg./day to 20 mg./day. Oh, and you don't have to come back to the clinic for another check-up for another four months." I was pleasantly stunned!

I believe things are beginning to improve significantly for me. The lady who introduced me to Immunocal has a bad case of Parkinson's, and she says her life now is so much different for the better since being on the product. I've also heard so many other wonderful accounts about what Immunocal has done for others with cancer, diabetes, arthritis, chronic fatigue, etc. that I am eagerly looking forward to what I believe it will do further for me over the longer run. I have so much more hope now than I did before. I feel like God has answered my prayers.

What is Immunocal®?

Immunocal is a simple undenatured whey protein powder which introduces precursors into the body which makes glutathione (GSH). GSH is found to be THE major antioxidant in the body, a powerful immune booster, a highly effective detoxifier.

As we experience aging, stress, and disease our body is depleted of GHS. Immunocal restores GSH in the body. Until recently this was not possible except with certain drugs, which had short-lasting results and often dangerous side effects. This is not so with Immunocal, which is NOT a drug, but a medically-designed food. There are NO side effects, no contraindications, and Immunocal can be taken safely and effectively with other medications.

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