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Resources for living well can be often be found online. Those resources may help you to enjoy many years of active and productive life. However, please use caution and common sense before buying products or services.

No endorsement is made for the products and services listed below. Please consult your physician before using new health products or making significant changes in physical activities. Be cautious, and get professional legal and/or financial advice before making any large purchases.

Nutritional Products

Alternative Healing and Coping with Chronic Illnesses Self-Help and General Interest Arts and Entertainment Unusual Gift Ideas
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Home-Based Businesses, Web Tools, and Financial Help

Note of Appreciation to Gentry Group

This website has received a generous contribution from Gentry Group’s CEO Michael Paul McIntyre. Mr. McIntyre supports many educational, charitable, artistic, and other public service causes.

Gentry Group -- a nationwide organization headquartered in Dallas, Texas, USA -- focuses on insurance strategies to help seniors all across the country plan for secure retirement years by avoiding unnecessary exposures and market risks. Thousands of seniors have been helped with retirement planning, preservation of assets, and eventual distribution of estates to heirs and other beneficiaries.

Michael P. McIntyre and Gentry Group have no editorial input regarding the subject matter presented on Senior Health News.

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